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Designing your new home

So, you’ve started the journey to building a new home, and now you’re looking for that perfect combination in designer and a builder. Look no further, Vogue Lifestyle offer clients a variety of options when it comes to the design of your home, because we want to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect!
Much like every building site, each new homeowners’ requirements are a unique proposition. Vogue Lifestyle recognises this, offering its clients the choice of either using their pre-designed plans or a custom home or renovation designed by us, because you may want something that’s tailored to your lifestyle, land or budget.

The Process

Undertaking your Vogue Lifestyle project is much easier than you think. Vogue Lifestyle was created with the vision of pairing great building design with efficient construction methods, making designer homes accessible to all Australians.
We aim to make our process as easy, fun and transparent as possible to provide great custom designed homes without the uncertainty of the design process, time and potential for budget blowouts.

Stage.1 Let’s talk (each stage listed with drop down of content of that stage)

Some clients know exactly what they want when they approach us, while others call on our expertise to talk through the possibilities. It really doesn’t matter. You could have an idea, a dream or a firm set of plans, our Vogue
Lifestyle professionals are available to talk through your specific situation to help you understand how a Vogue Lifestyle solution will be able to meet your needs.

Stage.2 Designing your project

Based on our meeting with you, our skilled designer will then prepare a draft concept design. You will meet with your designer again to review and confirm that we have interpreted your ideas correctly and the home design is what you are looking to achieve. If required, any changes are made to accommodate your needs.

Stage.3 Approvals and Certification

Once the design is approved by you, we will prepare a Budget Estimate and preliminary specifications that outlines what is included in the estimate. We again review this with you to confirm and make final adjustments, then we can prepare the next step which is the documentation stage. This will be presented to you in the form of a preliminary agreement and includes the preparation of any specialist reports from consultants and final contract specifications. Once you are satisfied, you will be presented with a copy of the ‘Plain English’ Housing Industry Association Standard Building Contract’ for your review.

Stage.4 Quality Construction

So, what is The Best Building Experience? We believe that experience is everything. Experience in our licensed building teams and trade professions, means The Best Building Experience possible for every Vogue Lifestyle client