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Our Vision

Vogue Lifestyle Building Group are committed to delivering high end residential housing and commercial fit out. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we know what is most important to owners, and that’s a high-end quality product at a competitive price.
We specialise on tailoring affordable, buildable solutions to meet owner’s needs -ones that are unique to the build as well as sustainable and innovative.
Vogue Lifestyle believes a home is where sanctuary and the individuality begins, through great design and material implementation. We are constantly staying abreast of the latest in innovative materials and technology to construct our homes and custom renovations.

What We Do

Residential Projects

  • New Homes
  •  Master Extensions & Custom Renovations
  •  Interior Design
  •  Dual Occupancy Residences
  •  Multi-Unit Developments & Residential Apartments

Vogue Lifestyle | Licence No 28210C | ABN 77 147 307 953